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Holiday Bits

Dang…you got some snu on your collar.

What’s that you say?  What’s SNU?

I don’t know.  What’s snu with you?

I tricked you.

Telling good jokes is one of my New Year’s resolutions.  So, off to a good start, I guess.

Seriously though, what IS new with you?  We haven’t talked in a while.  Did you get the ceramic skillet and sharp knives you’ve always dreamed of for Christmas?  Well, I did.  And, I’m not just saying it to make you jealous.

When I open gifts that I can use in the kitchen, I really have to give myself a good mental scolding. I’m not adequately appreciative.    There’s this little, selfish, adolescent part of my brain that is saying, “I never asked to be in charge of making all you people dinner anyway.”

That’s not very mature. I got to be a kid once. Now I get to make dinner.

And, seriously, ceramic skillets are the way to go.  I like mine a lot.  I might even string it on a gold chain and wear it as jewelry.  But who wants jewelry, anyway?  Shallow people, that’s who.

I did give Scott bath towels for Christmas.  See,  I did this little trick on purpose.  Scott does all our laundry.  I thought he may be overjoyed to open some big, beige towels at Christmas.  I gathered from Scott’s luke warm response, I may have made my point.

Besides being ungrateful, I believe this Christmas was one of my best ever.   Keep in mind, about 90% of my Christmases have been the best ever.   I’m not picky.  Just throw some people I love, good food and a few days off together in a room, and I’m a giddy gal.  Especially when I open my ceramic skillet.

We spent some QT with our parents, most of Scott’s and my siblings,  and our siblings’ families.  I know family stuff doesn’t always turn our right for people. Siblings can be pretty hard on each other.

I should try to figure out why we like our siblings.  Maybe there’s a formula to follow that could help new parents. If I could break it down, I could write a book and help lots of people.

Like, make sure all your kids eat broccoli, brush their teeth and have a newspaper route.  If you do all three of these things, your kids will grow up to be adults who are not overly sensitive, forgive easily, laugh a lot, enjoy hanging out, and won’t fight over Great Grandma’s tea kettle when you’re dead.

I’ll kick it around a bit, and let you know what I find out.

Smith boys xmas 2015

After spending time with both sides of the fam, we went to a ball-busting national wrestling tournament, “The Clash”, to watch the boys.  Oops.  I shouldn’t have said that.  I’m sorry if that hurt your ears.  I may be spending too much time around wrestlers.

The tournament was intense. Your team doesn’t get there without a special invite.  Some of the best wrestlers in the nation were there.  I can’t believe how much fun it was.  We hung out with the other kids’ families, and cheered on our guys, who were often the underdogs.  Watching kids fight like beasts for the good of their team is inspiring.    I love sports.

One time,  a particularly aggressive kid, dumped Zeke on his neck. Eddie jumped out of his chair and yelled, “He can’t do that to him!!!”

The ref pointed at Eddie, and told him to sit down and be quiet.  At which point, Scott stood up, and yelled, “That’s his brother, and that’s his brother’s neck.”

At which point, the ref told Scott to be quiet as well.

I’ve never been more personally entranced by a situation than that one.  I should have stood up after the ref yelled at Scott to keep the chain going.


Did you make New Year’s resolutions?  I didn’t.

I kind of glommed on to one of Olivia’s resolutions, but other than that one, I’m without goals this year.

Olivia is 14.  Is that the age were you fluidly move back and forth between  the child you were to the adult you’re becoming?  Because, that’s what I see happening.  I like what I see emerging.

Olivia canned social media for a few days.  I could hardly let my daughter do that alone, right?  I have to save face, and pretend I’m like a real parent.

Olivia was telling me about turning the lights out on social media;  that wasn’t her only goal.  She also plans on being her true authentic self; not persuaded by popular opinion or vanity.  She had some specific steps in mind to move herself further in this direction.

I’m like, “Where do you get this crap, Olivia?”

No.  I’m joshin’ ya. It WAS one of those moments though.  One of those moments when you are just happy to have a front row seat to the “Watching your kids grow up show.”  Sometimes your kids make you want to rip your hair out.  Other times, you think they may just be more mature than you.

Happy New Year



christmas kids 2015








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