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Growing Up and a Room Makeover

What is happening in your house this last week of summer?  It’s still summer, you know.  I’m holding on for dear life.

In our house we are growing.  Well, the kids are growing.  These last few years of parenting kids who live under our roof are going by frighteningly fast.  Why can’t we slow this time down to the pace time traveled when I had three preschoolers to entertain in a small townhome on a winter day, with a Dad not coming home from work until 10pm?  That kind of time stood still.

I spent the whole weekend painting and redecorating Olivia’s bedroom.  Olivia has always loved her room.  She likes having her stuff just so; I think she just likes to get away from all the noise.

Olivia has a girly streak.  She went through a longer than normal pink phase.  Over the years, her bedroom just kept  getting pinker and pinker.  Her walls and all her accessories were pink, pinker and pinkest. So were her clothes.

Olivia is a Freshman this year.  When we had Olivia, I thought that raising a girl would be easy.  She’s my girl, so she’ll be just like me.  I’ll be able to help her be a better version of me though, because I can warn her away from all my stupid mistakes.  I can make sure she avoids any of my regrets.  Parenting a girl will be easy.

I see you laughing.

Parenting a girl is not easy.  Because, guess what?  Just because you gave birth to a human who has gender in common with you, does not mean you are the same.  You and your daughter will not necessarily interpret everything in life in the same way.  I’m sorry if you didn’t know that.  I thought you should hear it from a friend.

When I was young, I was thrilled to grow up.  Every time I rounded a corner and passed through a new milestone, I was elated to see what great new things were waiting for me to experience.  I always assumed fun and adventure.

Olivia is not thrilled to grow up.  She has never been in a hurry.  She likes being a kid just fine.  Parenting a kid like this has an up side.  We’re not worried that Olivia is sneaking out her window, jumping on the back of an older kid’s motorcycle and sneaking into bars. I’m thankful for that.  That would be scary.

The down side is, Olivia needs a lot of reassurance that getting older is fun and safe.  She’s just not on board with it. She doesn’t trust it.  Becoming a Freshman is not her favorite.

I’ve been fairly preoccupied with Olivia’s state of mind lately.  This weekend I followed a chapter right from my own Mom’s book on how to help your teenage daughter.  I remember one time when I was in high school and I was as low as I got back then.  I was really, really sad about some teenager thing.  My Mom helped me redecorate  my room.  That was an amazing trick.  It worked.

We turned Olivia’s pink explosion room into a room more suited to a mature high school student.  We think this room will help Olivia embrace the awesomeness that is her. She’s going to be a heck of a high schooler.  I want her to know it.

Want to see before and afters?  Of course you do:

la la 4


la la's room 2


la la's room 1


la la 3


Do you remember the Macarena?  That was sweet, wasn’t it?  Well, it was sweet, until we killed it.  We did  too much Macarena, didn’t we?  So much Macarena that we wanted to puke when when we heard about more Macarena.  Why do we always do that?

Olivia asked Scott and I if we could do the Quan.  I said, “Of course we can Quan.  What parent worth their salt can’t do the Quan?  What is the Quan?”

The Quan is today’s Macarena.  Olivia showed me to how to “Hit the Quan”.  I think you’re going to be impressed.  I thought my 80’s running man was good, but this Quan thing really showcases my abilities.  Please learn it, and post your video.  It is time to kill this thing.


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