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Speed Blogging

I have to make this short.  We had thing on top of thing this week. So, I haven’t had time to arrange all my thoughts into a pretty little blog.  That’s sad, because I usually blog at least once a week.  I have no one asking for this from me. So, it’s just a lot of pressure.  I can’t expect you to understand.

In the absence of time, I’m going to just catch you up on nonsense that I’m pretty sure you’d rather not do without.

One thing we had happening this week was fall sports sign up.  Eddie wrestles in the fall.  He wrestles in the winter, spring and summer too. He wasn’t at the sign up event to actually sign up for anything official. The Athletic Director asked some athletes, including Eddie,  to come to the sign up and give the Freshmen a pep talk about being good, and following the athletic code:  No drinking, no smoking, no taking drugs.  No crude social media remarks, and NO taking pictures of yourself naked and posting them on the interwebs.  Sounds to me like a lot of micromanaging from the adults.  Can’t kids just have fun any more? Heliparents.  That’s what that is.

When we got home from sign up, Eddie told me he thought he might want to go out for Soccer in the fall.  That’s lucky for the school’s soccer team.  Eddie wasn’t too shabby at soccer the last time he played.  In Kindergarten.

I asked Eddie what in the world would make him want to play soccer.  He said, “Didn’t you see the soccer coach?”  I did, actually.  I sort of remembered the coach had longish hair, a big smile and wore baggy, I’m-definitely-not-trying-too-hard-to-impress-you clothes.   Being nice, and dressing off point, is all you need to do to win Eddie’s heart.

This conversation made me understand that somehow we have raised a son who will not give his trust over easily to a guy with gel in his hair, wearing a  polo shirt, or a fancy business suit.  Just show up to do business with Eddie in a pony tail and a flannel.  That’s how he’ll know you’re worth his time.

We learned something interesting during sports sign up night. The Athletic Director told us that the Olympic Training Center put out information on substance abuse and training. Did you know that one night of partying wipes out 14 days of training? I didn’t know that.  But, it explains a lot.   Let’s just say that one time I drank in college might have been the only thing stopping me from Olympic Gold.  At least now I know why.

Drunkenness.  I don’t get it.

I wish teenagers read my blog.  I’d like to tell all of them that the reason adults don’t let them drink alcohol is because teenagers don’t understand moderation (for the sake of the argument, let’s pretend adults do). Don’t get drunk, silly.  Drunk people make drunk decisions that seem like super good ideas, that turn out to be super bad ideas when they wake up the next day.

One and done.  Or, none and done works too, actually. Try it.  When you’re an adult.

When I’m giving my drunkenness speech to teenagers, I’ll bring evidence.

Exhibit A:

This guy got drunk and told himself he for SURE would get the job, if only he could wear a vest made of beard.  Here’s his mug shot.  He must have run into some trouble on the way to the interview.


Eddie would hire this guy to handle his stock portfolio.


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