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Most of the stuff I talk about is G-rated, right?  I don’t like x-rated stuff.  I really don’t.  I’m not just saying that to distract you from my secret life either.  I just think perversion is a bit of a bore.  When I’m listening to funny comedians, and they start telling x-rated jokes, I’m out.  Sure, on some level their jokes are offensive, but mostly I just find perverted jokes unfunny.  I’m not passing judgement here, my friend.  I’m just telling you who I am.  I’m not everyone’s cup o’ tea.

I had to tell you all that before I tell you this next thing.  I don’t want you to think I’m perverted.

Reggie and I witnessed another private moment in nature.  I told you a crazy squirrel story one time.  Today’s story is about ducks.

This morning I was walking Reggie near the middle school in our town, and I saw what looked like a pile of ducks in the distance. Only it wasn’t a pile.  It was three ducks.  One female and two male ducks.  As we got closer, I could see that the male ducks were in relentless pursuit of the female duck.  These guys would catch up to the female, and then they would both try to…you know…with her. At the same time.

The female duck kept quacking really, really loudly.  Then, it looked like she’d try to get away from her male companions.  Those male ducks were pretty persistent though.  And, that’s why I wanted to share this story.  I feel like I witnessed a crime.

I don’t speak duck, but I surely wish I did.  I stood there looking at this female duck, wondering if she was asking me for help.  Do you think she was?  It sorta sounded like, “Quack, QUAAAAAK!!!!  Quack, Quack!”  Does that mean, “Help me, I’m being violated!” in duck language?

It’s been bothering me all day.  I didn’t help her.

Usually, Reggie, is pretty high strung and easily provoked into a frenzy on our walks.  If he sees a nice old lady on a bike, he’ll start barking loudly and pulling on the leash.  When he saw this thing, he was dumbfounded. He just stared.

My imagination started firing up, and I thought maybe the female duck looked a little fat.  Was she pregnant?  What kind of sickos were these guys?

Right when I was considering my options, and picturing myself karate chopping these male ducks, I looked up and saw the school janitor.  He was laughing at me.  I decided to keep walking.

The whole thing was uncomfortable.  And, now I can add worrying about female ducks to my list of things to worry about.

I did look back and I saw female duck fly across the road.  Of course, those idiots followed her.  But, remembering that ducks fly, did reassure me a little.  I hope she flew away.  That seems like a better solution than the karate chop thing.

If you ever think that my blog serves no purpose, just remember that duck story; it’s evidence that I’ve got important things to say.  Things that are worth your time.

Here’s something that IS worth your time.  I’m feeling spiritually energized lately.

Do you want to know something? I think that the little baby I had growing in me for the first part of the year was touched by God.  Our baby was touched by God, and God used our baby to touch me.

I can’t explain this well, and that’s why I haven’t tried before now.   When I had a miscarriage, I was so sad, but I was also awakened.  It’s kind of an exciting, thrilling and joyful position I find myself in now; that is something that fills me with gratitude.

I’m still not going to put a whole bunch of words to this thing, because I don’t think it’s time yet.  But, I will say specifically, one thing I am learning is that sometimes you can have a little too much common sense.  Sometimes common sense looks like unbelief, and unbelief looks like apathy, and apathy looks like a nice Christian girl who has all the answers, but lacks passion and conviction.  A girl who thinks the best you can get out of life is making peace with life going wrong.  A girl who believes faith doesn’t actually yield God’s power to answer prayers affirmatively.

I’ve been misled.  My common sense has betrayed me in my life. I’ve missed out on some joy.

I couldn’t be happier about this revelation.  I’m looking forward to believing more courageously right now.  I’m not speaking metaphorically, when I tell you that thinking and talking and thinking about this renewal in my faith makes my heart beat faster, and engages my mind fully.

I’ve got a little group of women together who are ready to explore this thing with me, and I feel God in that too.  I’ll be sure to update you on the good things God will be doing through these women.

God uses my life to teach me.  It’s thrilling. I plan to search for lessons until the very end.

God uses people to teach me too.  I wish I could make sure all those people know how thankful I am for them.  If you’re in my life, consider yourself thanked.  And, may God pour a giant blob of blessings all the heck over you and the people you love for your kindness.  Wow…someone needs to turn that into a song.



Comments on: "Shady Ducks and Courage" (2)

  1. Melody said:

    Miki, I so enjoy reading your thoughts on paper!! This entry particularly struck a chord with me because I am in a bible study that meets at my house on Wednesday nights … 8 women … and we are studying a book called “Restless”. It studies the life of Joseph, his dedication to his family and his God and all the adversity he encountered while staying positive and true to his passion and calling. Last night our leader, Julie, asked the very question you posed …. “What is your passion? What makes your heart beat fast?” This study iis designed to be very introspective, to get us out of our complacency, to light a fire in ourselves and discover the people, places and circumstances God brings to us that we can choose to ignore or grab on with both hands and allow God to use us. Thank you for confirmation that these thoughts are making a return in LOTS of Christians. This study has a DVD lesson with it that we start with before we do the book and workbook. This statement was made in last night’s video …. “I trust God enough with my future to accept my present and how I will grow in it.” …….. I will do my BEST to remember that when I and selfishly stomping my foot and asking … no BEGGING ….. God to get me out of this bad situation! Words to live by.
    BTW … I’ll work on that song …….

    • LOVE THIS!! I hope the study we’re doing inspires another. I’m making a note to myself about your Joseph study. Maybe that study is in my future as well. It sounds awesome, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Joseph. He was solid. Thank you for this!!!! Please play the song for me when you have it completed. 🙂

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