Family life, Paleo-ish eating and Coping with Chronic Illness

Do you know how to tell when someone you love is overly competitive?  When you notice they’re not sleeping well, and they tell you it’s because they were up praying for the draft.  I’m not making that up.  This really happened at my house.

In case you’re like me, and you don’t know when the draft is, or really WHAT the draft is, I will tell you that I’m talking about the NFL Draft. The draft is about football.   I think the draft is important because the people who run the show get to pick players, which, I guess, has the potential to impact your favorite team’s success. The players help their teams win. And if you’re overly competitive, winning is key.

Does God care about the NFL Draft?

Sometimes I get so deep and philosophical in my writings.  I’m afraid I lose more of the  common people.

This Albert guy says this:

albert einstein

Could someone please make a poster with a head shot of me?  I’d like this quote next  to my face, “Does God care about the draft?  Indeed. He might.”

I’ll tell you, I’m totally putting a leave-on-conditioner in my hair to make my hair silky for my poster. I bet Albert wished he would have known about leave-in-conditioner.  It’s a shame, really.  All that wisdom, sullied by split ends.

Scott and I have been philosophical about our future lately.  What do we want it to look like?  I think it’s important to cast a vision for yourself, don’t you?

In our storage/garage cleaning we found 23-year-old letters that I had written to Scott.  To me, these letters are priceless.  Mostly, because the letters prove to me that I was not as foolish as I remember being.  I mean, sure, I was ignorant in the way a 20-year-old is ignorant of the lessons she will learn from what she has yet to experience.  That, for sure, is true.

Other than that?  I think I had decent instincts for a youngin’.

I will admit the letters were full of the most ridiculous, gushy, cringe-worthy sentiments imaginable.  Here’s a clip, “I’m just sorry there are not enough words in the English language to describe the love I have for you.”…and more goodies like that.

If the kids read these letters, they’d never forgive me.

The good thing about these letters is their optimism.  I was just plain excited about life, and about Scott.   I valued his work ethic, and his kindness.  Good job, little Miki.  Those are the right things to value.

And, as our relationship progressed towards marriage, I actually did some forecasting in my letters.  I told young Scott that even when we had been married a super long time, and nothing was new any more,  we would always enjoy talking to each other, and we would always keep laughing.

I kinda nailed it.

And, here’s another freaky thing.  In one letter, I said that some day when we were older, we would be cleaning, and we would find the letters.  I said the letters would remind us of how much we loved each other, and we would enjoy those happy memories.  And, so we did.

That is my lesson that it pays to think ahead, AND to put into words what you would like to become real.  Scott and I have been playing around with that a little as it pertains to our future from this point.

Next stop:  kids’ college, weddings, retirement???  Really?  Wow, we’re half way through life.  All those people are exactly right.  It goes fast.

Scott was kind of talking through retirement some.  He’s likely to stop coaching before he quits teaching.  He talked that out with me.  He said, “Well, I could teach, and then I guess I’d come home after school and putz a round until you got home from work.”

We were driving in the car when Scott said that.  The car got awfully quiet then.  We were silent until we both started laughing.  I don’t know how to explain why the thought of Scott putzing around is so frightening to me.  First of all, what will Scott putz with? He doesn’t really do hobbies.  I mean, coaching is his hobby, and his job, and, truthfully between coaching, teaching and our family, just about every second of Scott’s day is covered, generally.

Scott is not very imaginative.  I don’t see him building model airplanes, or carving wood or baking homemade muffins.  At least not yet, anyway.  I know crazier things have happened.  But, I am certain that neither of us want to even consider these options at this point, and that’s how I know it isn’t time to retire.  I guess we like working.

The other scary part of imagining Scott’s retirement is the thought of him waiting by the door for me.  That’s not good imagery for either of us.  Reggie’s got that deal covered.

So, we’re trying to cast a vision, but we also know that life will change when it’s ready.  There’s no forcing it.  We can be content to give one hundred percent effort to the tasks at hand, God will let us know when our efforts are no longer needed.  I’m sure of it.

Scott isn’t ready to retire, but he did think he could at least practice a little.  This week he told me he was going to sit out on the patio and do the cross word puzzle.

Come again?

That marks the first time Scott has ever sat on the patio.  Muffin baking is just ahead.



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