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Our Remodeled Basement

What???  Is this happening?  It is.  It is happening. Our basement is done.  Can you believe it?  I can’t believe it.  This project has been in progress since October.  Wait. That’s not true.  We actually started doing this 10 years ago, when we moved into our cute little house.  We put windows in the basement, and thought we’d finish the rest up right quick.  But then, an expensive sick kid, and all sorts of other stuff threw us off course.

I blogged about this whole thing before, so I won’t bore you by telling the story again.

Let’s just recap by saying our basement used to smell not so fresh.  Maybe a little like pee. Plus, we were short a bedroom. Zeke’s been sleeping on the floor for the last year.  Scott kinda pushed the issue, and said we had to finish the basement, or move.  Only, I didn’t want to move.  I love our house.  So, that’s what this is.

This project took way longer than we thought it would.  I think we started in October, and it’s finally done.  But, it was so worth the wait.  The people who did the work were awesome.  Really. Top notch.  They gave us everything they promised, and more.

We don’t deserve this nice basement.  Don’t worry.  We know it.  But, I promise, we will be grateful for it every single day.  Scott got kinda caught  up in the excitement today, and said now we can invite people over and have parties.  When he said that, Zeke turned to me and said, “This remodeled basement is turning Dad into a whole new person.  He’s not an introvert anymore.”

I told Zeke that I was going to go just a bit slow before I started claiming that was true.  I wanted to see these big gatherings his Dad was planning first.  I feel a little skeptical.

Anyway.  Here is a look at the before pictures.  These are actually cleaned up versions of what the basement looked like before we moved all our crap out.  It isn’t pretty:

basement 1

basement 3

Instead of posting after pictures, I’m posting an after video tour.  This might be the most boring 4 minutes of your life, but that’s why you’re so awesome.  If you post a tour of your basement, I promise I’ll watch that too.


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