Family life, Paleo-ish eating and Coping with Chronic Illness

I wish someone would make a montage of my life.  Let’s get real with each other.  Who WOULDN’T want to do that for me?  I can only think of like maybe one person. Tops.

I’d like to look at video clips of all the good parts of my life set to sentimental music. You know, like they do in movies?  I asked for a label maker for my birthday.  Maybe next year I’ll ask for a montage.

Things are happening right now that I want to stop and think about.  I want to take a moment and just say, “Wow.  I totally love this.”  But, people don’t really get to do that, do they?  People just have to keep going and keep making new things happen, making it hard to remember the old stuff that happened. I don’t want to forget the old stuff.

The wrestling season is in full swing.  I love it.  I love it so much.  In previous years, the wrestling season has been bittersweet. Super fun to watch my sons do what they like doing, but super hard to watch Eddie struggle through at half-strength.  We aren’t doing that this year.  I know I told you this before, but Eddie is doing great.

Scott told me this week that he forgot what it’s like to be in the middle of the wrestling season without that clenching grip around his heart.  I told Scott that was a pretty good way to describe how sadness feels.

I know just what Scott means.  I hope I’m clear when I say I know there is no end to trouble in this life. Troubles are unavoidable, and, really, troubles should be embraced.  Blah, blah, blah.  I know it. Whoever said that can just beat it.

I also know my family is not done with trouble.  I guess that might be why I want to just slow things down and make sure I’m acknowledging and appreciating every single moment of this reprieve.

I had a great talk with Eddie recently about how it feels to be hopeless.  He said he really understands how a guy could feel hopeless.  And then he said he thinks giving up hope is one of the WORST things we can do.  You know what people without hope do?  Nothing.  They don’t do anything to help themselves, because they just don’t see the point.  People who don’t do anything to help themselves, won’t improve their situation.  People who’s situation never improves, feel hopeless.  It’s easy to see what a vicious and useless cycle trouble can become.

If you are experiencing trouble, I want you to know there is ALWAYS hope!!!  Please do NOT stop hoping!

eddie with hope

One fantastic part of this wrestling season is getting to hang out with our wrestling friends.  Those are some ridiculously cool people. We also get to see family members who come to watch our boys.  I was so happy Scott parents came to the meet the other night.  I’ve said this before, but those two in-laws of mine…I don’t know.  You just have to meet them to know what I mean.  They’re just lovable.


Scott and his siblings are all funny and humble.   Really.  Four out of four.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  Scott’s Mom, Gail, tells the BEST stories.  I’ve heard many of these stories over and over, I know many of these stories by heart.  For some reason, I never get sick of hearing Gail tell a story.

Wait a minute.  Did I just have a moment of self revelation via my blog?  I’m a story teller too.  I also tell the same stories over and over.  Did Scott marry his Mother?  I’m sorry.  I’m going to have to digest that privately.

When Gail and Marc were raising their offspring, money was tight.  Marc and Gail were honest, blue collar, hard-working, no-nonsense parents.  Thanks to them, I’m skeptical that it’s possible to raise hard-nosed, unspoiled, athletic kids without their magic formula.  I wonder if my own kids have a slight disadvantage in life, just because Scott and I live a bit more comfortably than both our parents did.  That might sound a little crazy, but still, sometimes I wonder.

One of my favorite stories from Scott’s childhood is about Scott’s gym bag.  When he was younger, Scott remembers standing in line for gym class.  He went to a private Catholic school.  Most of his classmates could afford private school, so they were not without means.  Scott can recall that all the other kids in line had their gym clothes inside their sporty duffel bags.  Scott had his gym clothes in a bag too.  A bread bag. His Mom told him that the bread bag would work perfectly to carry his gym clothes.  It’s not like the bread bag was from some cheap, generic bread.  It was a “Wonder” bread bag, which is basically like designer bread. I don’t know what Scott was complaining about.

Scott has lots of stories like that, and they’re all my favorite.

Last week Marc and Gail (Scott’s parents) came for a short visit after the boys’ meet.  We’ve made some nice upgrades to our house since the Smith’s last visit. The thing that impressed Gail the most was the basketball hoop in our kitchen.  She couldn’t get over how nice it looked, and wanted to know where it came from.  I told her we bought it in the toy aisle, and that the kids fixed it up with duct tape. That hoop is always hanging in the kitchen.  I don’t even see it any more.


Then, Gail told me that when her kids were young they had a hoop up all the time too.  She said her kids’ hoop was an old onion bag.  She told us that she would get sick of the onion bag always hanging there, and take it down.  But, before she knew it, the kids would replace it with a new onion bag.  Seems like a waste of some perfectly good onion bags to me.

See what I mean?  How could Scott and his siblings possibly be so awesome, if they would have owned fancy duffel bags and real basketball hoops when they were little?  What would there be to laugh about now, if they had?


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