Family life, Paleo-ish eating and Coping with Chronic Illness

Eleven years ago we moved into the house we live in now .  When we moved in, it was obvious our sweet house had not been loved for a very long time. We have been told that the local police had to keep on eye on our house;  wild parties happened there.  We saw some evidence of this when we moved in.  Everything in the house was shockingly dated and in need of maintenance.  Yet,somehow, the previous home owners found enough funds for  a fenced in hot tub in the backyard. People who have homes in disrepair with working hot tubs and a bar are sketch.  I’m telling you that right now.

Over the years, we have put a lot of money, and a lot of sweat equity into our house.  That is just one reason I love our house so much.  I’m very attached.

One of the things we said we were going to do  when we first moved in, was update the house number near the front door.  What we had was made of ceramic tile.  The numbers were brown, and framed with orange flowers.  Carolyn and Mike Brady would have loved it. It would have looked nice in their kitchen.

We thought we were going to change the numbers right away, but then we started changing other things.  11 years later, and those dated numbers were  still there.  Scott finally pushed the issue.  The weird thing is, Scott is usually the instigator with our home improvements.  You probably don’t get that, because I have told you Scott doesn’t spend money.  I don’t get it either.

Scott won’t let me toss out hotel soap and shampoo.  He’ll wear the same slippers for 20 years, and he’ll ride his bike instead of flipping for a tank of gas.  It doesn’t make sense that he is the one that has to push me to spend bigger chunks of money on buying toilets, flooring and new light fixtures.He does push me.  Spending larger chunks of money is scary for me.

Scott has told me over the years that he is averse to living in  a tree fort; mismatched furniture and jerry rigged maintenance.  I’m like, I think tree forts are cool.  I never had one when I was little.

He forces us to  do things like remodel the bathroom; I guess I’m always glad he does.  The end product looks so nice;  I never thought I’d be fancy enough to live in a home that doesn’t look like a tree fort.  It feels nice.

We were at the home improvement store, and Scott just kept after me about these house numbers.  I finally gave in, and we brought this modern deal we both like.  Scott took off the old plate.  Underneath, was a big patch of paint that was a different color than what the house was painted now.  Our new numbers wouldn’t cover up that odd patch of paint.   We decided that we would have to repaint the front area of the house, just around the door.  THEN,we could put up our new numbers.

We went with a dark gray for the front of the house.  We are kind of going crazy with gray right now.  We both love it.  I knocked out that project in a Saturday.  We thought it looked great.  Except for one problem: The dark gray did NOT actually match the rest of the house like we thought it would.  The rest of the house was painted tan.  For some reason that shade of tan and the dark gray were fighting with each other.  We thought we could live with it.  We did.  For one week.  By the end of the week, the mismatched colors were driving us crazy.  We decided we had to paint the rest of the house.

painted house


We worked on this all weekend, and we really like the results.

house finished

The whole house painting thing started out as a family project.  After the a few hours, we lost half of our work force.  The only child size worker left was Zeke.

Zeke painting

Zeke, cleaning the siding. Eddie, rememberig he has something else to do.

Zeke likes to work.  He’s loathe to leave a project unfinished; that’s exactly why he’s always the first person any one in our family asks to help them with anything.  He has stamina.

Zeke stuck with us for the entire two full days of painting.  One time he asked to go in and get a drink, his Dad and I told him that seemed a little fishy.

Scott and I told Zeke that we would definitely find a way to compensate him.  I didn’t tell Zeke that before we started, I was actually thinking of hiring a full size adult to help us with this enormous task.

In the afternoon, I walked around the corner and I heard Zeke and Olivia talking about what Zeke might be thinking of asking for as payment.   At this point, I was thinking a new gaming system wouldn’t be totally out of line. I heard Zeke say, “I think I’m going to ask for a box of doughnuts.”

What can I tell you?  The kid is  little bit of a swindler.  You’ve gotta watch out for him.

We think that whoever hires Zeke some day, will realize that Zeke  is worth his weight in gold (assuming he grows quite a bit).  I should probably start working with Zeke now on how to negotiate a raise.  He needs to know that when people besides his parents are paying his salary, doughnuts don’t actually count as  currency.

Zeke doughnut






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