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I have a voracious appetite for reading about other people’s lives.   That’s why I’m always looking for new mom blogs.  I also like to know that I’m not the only one who is weird.  Please tell me there are other moms in the world who don’t mind throwing it all out there for the whole world to read?  I’m NOT.  There are a lot of weird moms.  I’ve checked.  That’s good;  sometimes you can be 42 and a little insecure.

The other day I was reading a story about summer camp.  The author quoted a woman who writes a blog.  The woman’s blog is called, “Suburbabble”.  I was excited to check it out.

How cool does the name of her blog sound?   It’s no, “Smith Family Chronicles”.  But then, she probably didn’t have a sister who helped her get her blog up and running.  A sister who just plopped a name in the blog title box, and called it good.  I’m just lucky.

“Suburbabble” doesn’t just sound cool, it is cool.  I clicked on the blog to read more.  The author is a mom like me.  She writes a blog about her family, because she loves to write, and she loves her family. Like me.  She is SO cool.  Like me. You’ve never seen anything so cool.  Like me.  Here’s a picture of her:




Ahh…anyone want  to talk about the elephant in the room?  Fine.  I’ll start.  Is it just me, or could that lady and I be twins?  Yeah.  It’s okay.  You’re not losing it. I noticed it too.

I started reading about this mom.  She’s popular, and she’s smart.  She was actually too cool to hold my interest though.  Sure, she lives in the suburbs, and she’s a wife and mom, but that’s where we part ways. Wait, I don’t live in the suburbs.  So I guess we are both a mom and a wife.   THEN we part ways.  She speaks in hashtags.  She talks about Tumblr, cuticle tattoos and concerts (hip hop) she’s attended.

I found myself expending a lot of effort (too much) just to try to understand what she was saying.  It’s hard to be interested in something that provides you with no personal connections.  For some reason, being cool, sounding cool, looking cool, holds no appeal for me any more.  When did THAT happen?  I guess it’s inevitable.

Do you know any Grandmas who really want to be cool?  No. You don’t.  That’s because almost everyone eventually wakes up one day just not caring about that stuff any more.  They care about their bunions, and they care about which birds landed outside their window.  But, they don’t care  one crap about being cool.  That’s me.  I care about bunions and birds.  But, I don’t care about being cool.

I don’t go to concerts.  I did see a guy in Menards last week that looked a lot like Elvis.  I’m not sure how cool that is though.  No, you’re right.  That is cool.  That is definitely cool.   An older man with giant side burns and  a full head of unnaturally black  hair is where cool begins.

I don’t know what Tumblr is.  I pretend I don’t see all the hashtag stuff on Facebook.  If I don’t acknowledge something, it doesn’t exist.  If it doesn’t exist,  I don’t have to understand it, right? Thought so.

I think I’d be more interested in a mom blog written by a homesteader than this ultra modern mom.  So, I won’t be reading this nice mom’s blog.  That doesn’t mean I can’t pick up a few tips from her.  I can add a little snap and zing to my bio picture too, right?   I could use a little more edge.  I want to improve my image, and bring in more readers.

I tried to copy cool blogger mom.  I hope she’s flattered.  I took a picture of myself to show people where this blog thing comes to life.  Right in the middle of my ultra modern home.  On top of my ultra modern, painted (yes, I said painted) counter tops. Granite counters are so been-there, done-that.  Painted counters are what cool people have. Let it be known.

I’m sitting next to our to-go containers from supper, and next to our lap top.  This is where the magic happens, people.





There’s no reason why I can’t try to keep my readers up-to-date on technology trends, just like cool mom blogger does.  That black thing next to me in the picture is our lap top.  It’s pretty modern technology.

Let me explain. Professional people get these lap tops when they want to take their computer on the road. It’s just a lot more convenient than carrying your PC around.  You put it on your lap.  And, no, I’m not trying to brag.  It’s just that I am a professional.  I’m a mover.  I’m a shaker.  I’m ahead of the curve.

Down the road, you may get a lap top too.  All in good time.  That’s why bloggers like cool blog mom and me are trying to stay ahead of the curve.  To help people like you know what to expect.

Our family’s lap top is extra cool.  Our friend who is in I.T.gave it to us when his company was going to throw it away.  We’ve been using it for years.  We have the best luck with other people’s trash.

This lap top weighs a lot.  When it is open,  it sounds like an airplane is taking off inside of it.   The sound gets louder and louder, until it’s hard to hear the t.v.. Or, anyone talking.  Or, yourself thinking.

It sounds like it might be on the verge of blowing up.  It hasn’t yet though, so I see no reason why that should change.  If you want it to be quiet, you just shut it.  See? Fixed it. I could have been in I.T. too.  I have a lot of talents.



blogger 20140627_195558

^Two things that are the same ^



Comments on: "More Cool Moms. Like Me." (4)

  1. #youcrackmeup
    #paintedcountertopsrock (I intended to try it once but never got around to it)

  2. #I wouldn’t recommend painted counter, unless your current counter is a thousand years old. #Like ours was.

    #Paint scratches and chips easily, but better than thousand-year-old counter


  3. I love your blog! It’s the first one I ready when I open my Feedly account. Thank for making my day a little brighter!

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