Family life, Paleo-ish eating and Coping with Chronic Illness

I spent the weekend at a big wrestling  tournament.  If you like watching  people, you would love going to a wrestling tournament like the one we went to this weekend.  There were  hundreds and hundreds of people to watch.  People watching is one of my favorite hobbies.   Way better than TV.  I  learned some things from the people I watched.

Wrestling is a super hard sport.  I should know.  I live in a family of wrestlers.  They work really hard.  They cut weight, and sometimes they smash heads.  Not on purpose, but it happens.

If you’re a wrestler, you have to get comfortable with some level of physical pain.  Wrestlers are tough.  I know that.  Here’s a picture of  Eddie’s face after wrestling this weekend.  They ain’t playin’ Hopscotch.

eddie's face


One wrestler I saw this weekend had a t-shirt on that said, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else is easy.”   I was thinking about that t-shirt, and wondering if it’s true.  EVERYTHING is easy?  Like, everything in  your life will seriously be easy?

If you don’t k now what’s for supper, you get home late from work, and you have no groceries, that will be easy?  If  you want to knit a really cool scarf, but you don’t know how to knit that will be easy too?   You did say everything.   Why haven’t I ever thought of this before? I’m totally going to start wrestling.  I’m  going to get into the practice room and start running through the drills.  I’m going to make the team next year.  I want everything to be easy.

I told Scott about my idea.  He explained that the quote I read came from wrestling legend, Dan Gable.  Scott said that particular quote has been amended since Gable first gave birth to it.   Apparently,  now a lot of t-shirts say, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything  is easiER“.  Not just plain easy.

If I didn’t know better, I might think Scott was trying to talk me out of joining the wrestling team.  Wait.  That’s crazy talk. Sometimes I  just get a little  paranoid.

Another thing I was wondering about this weekend was public displays of affection (PDA).  What’s your stance on this?  All those in favor say “aye”.  All those opposed say “no”.  I say, “no”.

There was this high school couple  at the tournament that I couldn’t seem to get away from.  We were in a huge arena, yet every time I turned around, there they were.  She was on his lap.  He was nuzzling her neck.  They were standing in each other’s embrace,  while  cheering  for his wrestling friends.   Were they playing a joke on me?  Why were they following me?  I didn’t  want to be on a date with them. I really didn’t.

I don’t know why all that teenage cuddling and nuzzling rubs me wrong; It just does. I wanted to say, “listen, I’m happy you kids are in love, and I’m sorry your hormones are trying to call all the shots for you right now,  but do you remember some of the games you played when you were in kindergarten?   You do, don’t you.  That’s because it wasn’t that long ago. Hopefully you’re going to have a happy marriage down the road.  You could be married for 40 or 50 years, and  I promise you can kiss the crap out of each other then; literally, like you can kiss from sun up until sun down.  Most of us married people do.  In the mean time, what do you say you call  some of your friends over here and participate in some good ol’ fashion Tom foolery.  Go pull some shenanigans and have yourself a ball.  Enjoy the heck out of being a kid, because that’s what you still are.  Nobody blames you.  We all know wrestling tournaments are the coolest places to smooch.  Just maybe take a little break.”

I don’t like teen on teen PDA.  I  DO like other kinds of PDA.  I was walking in the crowd at the wrestling meet, and I saw this teenage boy give his gray haired grandma the tightest hug.  That hug made my mouth instantly turn into a smile.  How does that happen?  I also saw a tough looking teen age boy holding an infant girl.  The boy was so gentle.  He was rubbing her head, smiling at her and talking in a baby voice.    I guess I actually love PDA,  it just has to be a certain kind.

It was a pretty cool weekend.  Everyone in the family felt healthy, and we were fortunate to be able to do what we like to do.  The only thing I’m mad about is that my house didn’t clean itself.   I asked my Facebook Friends if someone would come over and clean it, but no one did.  So, I guess now we know what kind of friends they are.







Comments on: "Kissing and Some Other Nonsense" (3)

  1. ” I promise you can kiss the crap out of each other then; literally, like you can kiss from sun up until sun down.”

    I somehow read the semicolon as a comma and was laughing in disbelief of the wierd relationship you must have, before I got past the second comma to realize what you were saying;)

  2. Entertaining post.
    As far as the quote, I believe that wrestling gives its participants the tools necessary to face any of life’s struggles with strength and proper perspective. Once you’ve overcome so many obstacles through the sport, both internal and external, you understand the values of hard work, discipline, respect, and problem-solving. Not everything will be easy, but nothing seems so hard. 🙂 Knitting may not be so easy, but the whole hunger thing will be no problem for a wrestler.

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