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Resolution: Get my fashion on

I was shopping with my daughter one day. We started talking about fashion. I told her that when she got older, she would probably have fashion sense that was similar to mine. She replied, “I hope not.”

Olivia didn’t say this in a sassy way. She said it in a way that sounded like she just really thought dressing like me some day would be disappointing.

Well, I’d like to know when THAT happened. I swear I had a fashion edge once. I really pictured myself as kind of a trendy gal. I started thinking about all the clothes in my closet. I realized that 95% of my non-work wardrobe is Sauk Prairie Wrestling gear.

I hate disappointing my kids. I want them to be impressed with me. I was thinking that in the year 2014, I would commit to becoming more fashionable. But, I really, really love my Sauk Prairie gear. It’s high quality. I’ve got long sleeves, short sleeves, vests, jackets, shorts. I wear this stuff every day. Then I started thinking, who said my Sauk Prairie gear isn’t cool? Who said I can’t make other moms jealous of my fashion know-how AND wear my school mascot too? No one. That’s who.

I gathered some wrestling moms to help me show you just how cool I’m going to be this year. You may need to take a break and get some rest. You’ll need your energy; you are about to have your mind blown!

All Business

I can work my way up the corporate latter, and support the Eagles too. I will impress business partners and clients with my sharp sense of fashion AND my loyalty to my school!

all business updated

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

C’mon, forget trudging along in your baggy yoga pants and slippers. The next time my gal pals and I decide to hang out, or go roller skating at the park (we do a lot of that), they’ll wish they were dressed as snappy as me.

jen pape updated

Cinch It

What the heck doesn’t look good when you cinch it? Eagles shirt, leggings, boots and cinch it all together with your cool belt. Now I’m ready to hang out at the mall and just basically look cooler than anybody else I know.

melanie updated


I plan to be on the best dressed list of the next Gala or Formal I attend. I can picture all the women staring at me as they wonder why they didn’t think of this themselves.

mary updated

Deep Thoughts

Sometimes I just have to get away. Write poetry. Play my bongo drums. No need to abandon my school loyalty!

Kari updated

Tough Girl

I just wish people would get it in their heads. I don’t take crap. When I’m feeling like I want to rumble, I can look tough without leaving my fashion sense behind. What’s that you say? You don’t think I look fashionable? Oh, you mean you said nothing. Thought so.

wrestling moms 036

Here’s to a super fashionable 2014, and setting new fashion trends in the school loyalty line!

wrestling moms 025



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