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Chicago and Charity

My company took a bus trip to Chicago this week. I work at a great place, and they like to host fun events from time to time; they organized this shopping trip.

I don’t have the best shopping skills. I have a super short attention span for all of it, and possibly even an aversion to fancy name brands. So, that does not leave me with a lot to do in Chicago. Or, at least that’s what I thought.

There are two women on my team at work, my manager and another co-worker. My co worker grew up in Chicago. Do you know the “Roadrunner” cartoon character? Well, that character was actually based on my co-worker. She has adult children, but she has the energy level of young child. She told us that she was going to give us a grand tour, and that was no empty threat.

We started at the John Hancock Building and ended up at Macy’s to see their live window displays. Along the way we guzzled coffee, saw “the bean”, and bought some delicious Garrett Popcorn.

IMAG0754 (1)

Before Chicago, these ladies and I did what all women do before a group trip. We talked about what we were going to wear. I mentioned tennis shoes, which offended them. Sophisticated, urban Chicagoites wear skinny jeans or leggings and boots. Well, I am a Sauk Prairian, and I wear baggy yoga pants and sneakers. I know everybody in Chicago is talking about me now and how I broke the rules. So, that kind of stinks.

I started the day missing my family. It’s true. I have some left over psychological issues from childhood that I’m still trying to work out. As a kid I had a hard time leaving my family. Sleep overs were always a little rough, and Summer camp was brutal. I had a hard time sleeping for a WHOLE YEAR after summer camp. See? Issues.

So, when we first got to Chicago, I started having some of those familiar pangs. Then, I saw a lady with a dog just like Reggie, and I started to cry and call for my mommy. Well, I thought about doing that any way.

Thankfully, Roadrunner was there. Have you ever tried feeling sorry for yourself while you are sprinting? Impossible. “Meep Meep”.

I think we ran a half marathon through that city. Another childhood problem I haven’t managed to shake appeared all along the way. I was silly. We sillied up that city pretty darn good. Like, I just couldn’t stop myself from pushing my manager towards the live mannequin. He cooperated nicely by breaking character and yelling “boo”. She jumped in the air and screamed. I did also announce at dinner that I was being promoted…to CEO. My first line of business was a raise…for myself. I really thought people would be happier for me. I’m not sure how that’s gonna hold up in the light of day. I think I’ll just try firing some people and see what happens. We sang Christmas carols on the way home, and just had a lot of silly fun.

One reason I was sad in Chicago was because I was missing Eddie and his team’s first wrestling meet. Most parents I know consider watching their kids from the crowd the best part of their job. Natural disaster or death may be the only thing that would keep them away. Well, that is me too. Except, I guess natural disasters, death AND trips to Chicago that I’m supposed to go on are what keep me away. We have Eddie’s erratic health to consider too. Every time he is on the mat is a gift not to be wasted. I received text updates throughout the night that kept me in the know. I mostly love technology.

Eddie has an awesome team of terrific kids. Here they are:

wrestling team

Eddie had to be dragged out of the house by a couple of his teammates the day this picture was taken. He was feeling wretched. I love all these kids. We have watched many of them grow up, and it is a pure delight in life to have been rooting for them all these years.

Some exciting things have been happening with Sauk Prairie Wrestling that have nothing to do with winning. The team is finding ways to serve others. This is the kind of stuff that gives me chills. Not because Sauk Prairie is special, but because as a young mom, these are exactly the lessons I had hoped my kids would learn some day. Happiness is hard to find when we are focused on ourselves and our own interests. Contentment comes through helping others.

The wrestling team has participated in the “Feed my Starving Children” program for the last two years. These guys are great kids, but they’re competitive too. Someone had the brilliant idea to tell them that box loading was a contest. Which, of course, they won.

wrestlers feed starving

Now the boys are working on another way to help raise money for the program, and help others too. They are selling coffee. This coffee tastes good, but it also works hard. For every 1 pound bag of coffee bought through Sauk Prairie Wrestling, $3 is donated to the wrestling program. A portion of the rest of the money goes towards a sustainable coffee bean farm in a poor region of Panama.

The coffee is from Phoenix Coffee Company. Phoenix partners with a variety of non-profit missions. Missions with causes like helping the homeless and stopping child sex trafficking. Scott learned of this company when he and Eddie were on a mission trip this summer to help build houses for the homeless in Puerto Rico.

Maybe you like coffee, or Sauk Prairie Wrestling, or charities. Maybe you like all three. If you do, then you might want to consider ordering coffee through Sauk Prairie Wrestling.

I personally have tried the chocolate, hazelnut and pumpkin spice. I drink a lot of coffee, so you’d think I would be more discriminating. I’m not. This is good coffee, but you should know that I think Foldgers tastes good too. So, there you have it. A fine review. If you decide to order some, I would love to know what you think. If you order three bags, the shipping is free.

I know there are so many cool folks out there doing selfless acts of service for others, and they’re not tooting their own horn about it either. I love those people. This coffee thing is just one more neat idea. Jeesh!! Go ahead and say it, “Just back off the high pressure sales, Miki!” And, that was your demonstration on why I suck at sales. Happy coffee drinking.


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