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Happy Black Friday’s Eve

You know that’s where we’re headed with all this, don’t you? It such a special time of year. A time for us all to take some quiet moments to remember when Black Friday and all his friends sat down with the Native Americans and shared all their coupons, discounts and loyalty points. Shoot. Now I’m getting choked up. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that!

We just have to get through this silly little Thanksgiving thing. What a nuisance. I’ll try to pass the time by telling you 10 things I’m grateful for today. This will read like poetry. It’s pretty deep:

Flats. My boss is like a glamorous rock star. Bling every darn day, and 3 inch high heels. I adore her. I used to try to be like her. Then I decided wearing high heels felt like attaching pinching crabs to my big, fat feet for 10 hours straight. Have you ever attached pinching crabs to your feet? Trust me, they hurt. They try to distract you from your work. I love you “Aerosoles”!


Cafe Americano with heavy cream. Speaking of my adorable boss. She tried my Americano and almost spit it out on me. Well…isn’t she fancy? It isn’t sweet. It’s just creamy and delicious. So, she likes flashy, sweet things. I like comfortable, bitter things. I get it. I’m a regular ball of laughs.

cafe americano

Traveling. Money well spent. I like new scenery. I want to understand how other people live and appreciate that I inhabit just a blip of time on a tiny spec of the map.

My library card. As long as I have this little yellow card, I will never be bored. The most efficient and inexpensive way for me to travel. You see that mine has been put to good use.

library card

Walking my dog early in the morning. Every day. Without fail. In all weather. Folks blessed with a touch of ADD like me should be prescribed a daily morning walk with their dog. It’s both adventurous and calming.

Reggie poo

Color coordinated closet. Back to this ADD thing. I didn’t know when I was young that routine and organization are the antidote for ADD. My husband and daughter taught me this trick and it made my life better.

Female friendships. No offense guys (this is gonna hurt the feelings of the thousands possibly millions of men who read my blog. I apologize.) But, laughing/commiserating/spending time with women energizes me. I’m just not interested in telling a man that I don’t think my deodorant is working. No matter how much he wants to hear it.


Writing. Do most people have something that interests them so much that when they do it, time passes unnoticed? If not, they should keep looking.

My family. Oh, hi you guys. You are cute, aren’t you? These crazy kids love the same things I do. They love a funny story and are always up for a game of basketball in the driveway. Won’t they be so excited when Scott and and I volunteer to be their college roommates? Partay!!! Fresh juices all night long BOIZZZ!!!

silly family

Faith(C’mon, you knew I was gonna say that.) I just like everything Jesus has to say about humility, materialism, suffering, work ethic and relationships. It transcends cultural constraints and the passage of time. It’s rock solid. Meaningful lives are built on that stuff.

And that’s my list. Now I want to hear yours, but I’ll let you have some turkey first.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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