Family life, Paleo-ish eating and Coping with Chronic Illness

Phase One


This is Eddie’s breakfast and night cap, well the stuff on the counter is for him anyway. The boiling water is full of brats for the rest of the family. Poor Eddie. One avocado, spinach, pineapple, strawberries and a scoop full of “Rockin’ Wellness”. This “Rockin’ Wellness” is part of our new practitioner’s plan. We do have a fairly logical plan so far, but take a close look at the packaging for the “Rockin’ Wellness”. How does that hit you? Does it fill you with confidence that we’ve found the missing link? Because to Scott and me it looks a little like Eddie could have created this name and logo with some of his buddies for a school project or a You Tube video. What are we going to get next, a bottle of medication called “Hang Ten, Dude”? Jury is definitely still out.

In addition to the protein drinks, Eddie has been completing some surveys. The Doctor wants to take a fine tooth comb through Eddie’s insides, and understand Eddie’s habits. I’m glad the Doctor is asking and not me. Eddie hates talking about this stuff. I don’t even ask any more. I mean, most 16-year-old boys could sit and talk with their moms about the shape and color of their poop for hours. Eddie just isn’t one of them.

In fact, for all those super kind people who have asked me what they could do to help Eddie over the years, there is one thing. If you know him and you see him, you could ask him about wrestling, MMA or even his math homework. He’s a friendly guy and is happy to chat about anything really, anything that doesn’t have to do with being sick that is. He is just so over it, you know? He’s loathe to act like the 90-year-old man who loves nothing more than to hash over his latest Bursitis flare up for the listener’s entertainment. Eddie has given me clearance to blog for a lot of good and noble reasons, but he doesn’t read my blog. In fact, he doesn’t read or watch anything that has to do with being sick. He’s more the, think well and you’ll be well kinda guy. Gosh, I like that kid.

The Doctor is going to take all the information Eddie sends in and then create our new nutrition guidelines. Part of those guidelines will include a lot of juicing. I am not one to sit around waiting. So, we’ve already started juicing. We’re shooting for three tall glasses a day: Cabbage, Kale, Carrots, Celery, turnips, beets etc.. And, we always throw an apple in too so that it almost tastes like junk food.

The Doctor’s plan is multi pronged. It is heavy on nutrition, but also focuses on Eddie’s alignment. X-rays show compacted areas in Eddie’s spine that are connected to nerves that run to his stomach and areas of digestion. It stands to reason that lightening the pressure on these nerves would only serve to improve the situation. Okay, sounds reasonable.

Of greater concern is Eddie’s gut. I think I can finally explain this to myself so that I understand. It’s only taken 5 or 6 years. I’m smarter than most. The Doctor’s theory (and we know this is just a theory) is that Eddie’s gut is full of holes in all the wrong places. After years of hard core antibiotics, I’m not inclined to argue. You do NOT want what is sitting in your gut to escape into your blood stream (same argument used for staying away from gut irritating grains). Your immune system will totally freak and over react if it detects toxins in the bloodstream. I guess it would be like if my family members took our kitchen garbage and started throwing the garbage all over the house. When I came home and saw the mess, I would be like the immune system. I would take care of it. My actions to do so would be unpredictable and possibly deadly.

Eddie’s autoimmune response is really straight forward and down-to-business. It’s like, “We gotta get this crap outta hear!” So, he throws up; And he keeps throwing up. He throws up all day, every day. He throws up for weeks and months on end. His body eventually decides that it is literally beginning to starve and he becomes malnourished. Being malnourished creates a whole other set of symptoms and health issues, so that you don’t know what you’re dealing with any more. You can see how complicated this gets.

So, priority one is figuring out how to seal up the gut. We need what is in the gut to stay in the gut, until it has been excused through the proper exit. We hope to have our total game plan laid out by the end of the week. Meanwhile, the juicing has helped. He’s been home from school for close to a month, but now he hopes to be back full time this week. I know they say you just can’t look back, but boy do I wish I would have known about juicing 5 years ago.

I do aim to be really truthful. I always just think things are what they are. What is useful about pretending? Who can learn anything if I’m not honest with myself and with others? For that reason, I am going to tell you the truth. I am nervous and I am scared. Maybe we made a mistake and are flushing precious resources down the drain. We have become almost professionals at straw grasping. But we’re really terrible at it. We keep grasping the wrong straws.

On my way home from work I remembered our new Pastor’s sermon this past Sunday. He reminded us of this story in Exodus. Moses had to keep his arms raised towards the heavens in order for his people to win the battle. Every time he lowered his hands, his people started losing. He raised them again and they would win. Moses had his “friends” help hold his hands up when he got tired.

When I read this before (I apologize for this) it sounded a little ridiculous. Hands up. Hands down. Sounds like nonsense. But I was not seeing the symbolism. Who knows why, it’s not exactly obscure. Moses needed God to win the battle. He had to intentionally stay connected. And, sometimes he just couldn’t do it without his friends. Self sufficiency didn’t work for him. It won’t work for me either. Usually I forget this, because I’m too busy being, you know, self sufficient. I happen to be sure I won’t get very far on my own in my current frightened and insecure state though. So, I’m happy for the reminder to stay connected.


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  1. Gail Wahl said:

    Love this sweet sissy. Hands up…and let others help you keep your hands up. Allowing others into your journey is part of the journey. Hugs to you all today.

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