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Hunt for the Cure

eddie day one

I should write a book titled, “What we’ve Done to Try to Save our Child”. That would be a long and boring book, worse than “The Odyssey”.

You’d be reading my book and you’d ask yourself, “Does this book ever end? Do they just keep trying and trying things, even though nothing works?” I’m going to give you a spoiler alert. Yes, they just keep trying things.

To date, here is a list of the things we have tried to heal Eddie. I know there are some that I have forgotten, and possibly a couple I’m too embarrassed to name:

Pediatric Gastroenterologist – Cat Scans, MRI’s, X-Rays, Blood Panels, and Endoscopies (Yes. All plural.)
Well Respected Children’s Hospital – More of all of the above.
Antibiotics. Lots of Antibiotics
Countless other Pharmaceuticals (There is NO way I could remember all of them.)
Supplements (Even more supplements than Pharmaceuticals.)
Infrared Sauna
Bio Mat
Herbal Remedies
Rife Machine
Essential Oils
Detox Footbaths
4 Weeks at a special clinic for super sick people in Wichita, KS
Special diets – Elimination diet, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free…
Some crazy trip to Las Vegas Eddie was given a special “scan” that was supposed to tell us how to help him. It was expensive. It didn’t work. A low point in my stupidity and gullibility.

Are you bored with this list? You don’t even know what some of that stuff is, do you? This list at least provides evidence that we are making good on our promise to Eddie. We told him we will never, ever stop trying to help him. And, we haven’t.

Ultimately, we have failed at finding a cure. But, when I look at this list something occurs to me. At some point over the years I have experienced a paradigm shift. It’s true. we are still searching. But, this hunt has helped me learn things I didn’t know before. I now have dozens and dozens of new ways to improve my family’s over all health. And the rest of the family’s health has definitely improved.

We used to wait for symptoms to show up and then take pills to cover up the symptoms. I just don’t like that solution any more. Not when I know what I know. We have many new ways of addressing the root cause and focusing on prevention. Given a redo, I would NOT choose this horror house we’ve been stuck in, but I do get that there have been blessings along the way. I consider this new knowledge a blessing.

Some things on my list I would have laughed at 10 years ago. Hypnosis? Who actually believes that is real? Can you believe that I’d actually move that one towards the top of the list. It made a difference that we could see. That’s a lot more than I can say for the gazillion supplements and medications Eddie has taken over the years.

As of this week, we will be adding something new to our list, and we thought we’d ask you to join us for this journey. Having you along will make it more fun. It does get lonely. We have seen a new Doctor who has a plan (Gosh, you know I love a plan.)

Scott and I debated the investment for a while. I told the Doctor, “what makes you think you can help Eddie? We have tried so many things.”

The Doctor asked, “Has anything you’ve tried worked?” Busted. I knew then we were just pretending to object. Scott and I agree that today, tomorrow or 10 years from now, if there is a tiny, eensy, weensy percentage of a chance that something will make Eddie completely well, that’s some gambling we’re willing to do. Parents of sick kids don’t care about the odds, they just care about having hope. Yes. We know our list is worth an addition to our home, or two years salary. But, what parent wouldn’t trade a nice new living room for their child’s future? No parents I know.

This Doctor will have us juicing among a lot of other things. I apologize. There may not be any produce at the grocery store when you go shopping. I think I bought it all. After two days of juicing, Eddie is actually smiling and talking again. That may be worth the investment right there. I guess when you have not been able to keep any food inside you for a month, your body thinks, “Hey, I think I might actually be starving here.” Bodies don’t like starving. Juicing delivers vitamins and nutrients without all that tricky digestion. Eddie’s stomach is extremely uncooperative with digestion, like just completely bull headed.

So, if we learn nothing else from this new experiment, we have learned that juicing helps Eddie. Not the answer, but helpful. We will remain optimistic, yet realistic. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.


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  1. Katie Zimmerman (friend of Heidi's) said:

    I am reading your blog for the first time, Miki, and have been praying for Eddie and your family over the years as God has brought him to mind. Please know I am putting his name up by my desk and will be praying more fervently! You are such a GREAT mom! God has used and continues to bless me through you!

    • Thank you, Katie! You have always been such a sweet person and friend. I really, really, really appreciate your prayers. We will keep sharing what we learn and pray that God will use it to help someone else who is struggling. I guess that’s all we can do. Thanks again, Katie.

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