Family life, Paleo-ish eating and Coping with Chronic Illness

No Joke

Disclaimer: I’m all out of silly today. If you need a laugh, I apologize. You could try back another day. You’re sweet for stopping by here.

Usually my brain thinks in terms of jokes. I don’t try to make jokes up. They are just there for the taking. I don’t fight it. I’m not feeling very jokey lately though. Eddie is relapsing, which tends to empty my mind of wit. I just don’t think it’s very funny.

You know how some people become reflective and more apt to cry out to God during trials? You do? Well, I’m not one of those people.

Under duress, I become less human, more robotic. I am rather uninspired and more focused on survival. I know this because I have had lots of practice. I also learned a long time ago to keep praying and reading Scripture, even though I wasn’t feelin’ it. The truth is, praying and reading Scripture changes nothing…that I can see.

I used to look to God to make my life comfortable. I wanted an explanation for all this misery on Earth. I never found the happy answer I wanted. But, what part of the Bible ever led me to believe in happy endings? Was it the plague of locusts, the slaying of first born sons, or Jesus’ violent death on the cross? My troubles are a trip to Disneyland in comparison. If I was in charge of naming the Bible, I would have titled it, “Life Goes Wrong”.

But see, here’s where my faith seems like common sense to me. God devoted the entire Bible to telling me that there is nothing on Earth that won’t eventually disappoint, degenerate and cease to live. He’s been telling us humans since time began to grab on to something powerful and unchanging instead, Him. This acceptance and faith is what both anchors me down and keeps me pliable all at once. That’s a strong combination and strength is what I need right now. No joke.


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