Family life, Paleo-ish eating and Coping with Chronic Illness

I love those blogs where the blogger shares a little personal info and then they give you a yummy Paleo recipe. First you are entertained, and then you get the recipe as a bonus gift. So hospitable. Remember back in the olden days when you had to buy cookbooks?

I was thinking that I would like to have a blog like that; Make delicious food and then share pictures and recipes. I guess the only problem with that would be I’d have to make delicious food then share pictures and recipes.

When I play that out in my mind I see myself in an apron yelling at my kids to get their crap off the counter and get out of my light, because I’m trying to get a perfect camera shot of this coconut souffle (that’s not a real thing) that I just spent hours making instead of coming to see their game. See, that was a long, complicated sentence. Just think how long and complicated it would be in real life.

Plus, don’t you have to be precise to share recipes? I like to shoot from the hip and it hurts my brain when I get asked about details. One time I tried sharing my fool-proof, grain free “Bisquick” recipe with my Facebook friends. I use this stuff for lots of things and actually did make it up by myself.

Turns out it may not be so “fool-proof” after all. My friends’ results were by all accounts disastrous. My mom (okay, you got me. By “friends”, I mean my Mom) just couldn’t figure out what happened. Something tells me that I should not have guessed at the exact amounts? Oh, Baking…why you gotta be that way???

Still, I really do like food. I do like to bake. And, I really do like to share. So I would like to share with you links to some of our rock solid family favs. Although, my husband does love to say, “Don’t tell mom you like the way something tastes, or you’ll never see it again”! I guess I get bored easily.

Doesn’t that make us sound like June and Ward Cleaver? I wish we were more modern. I cook. He eats. I painted myself into that corner 20 plus years ago, and I’m still trying to get out. Let that be a lesson.

So, back to our family favs. These brownies are a hit. We bring them to potlucks and the kids’ friends eat them happily and don’t even notice they’re grain and preservative free and saving them from a whole slew of diseases – you are welcome. They are pricey to make. We buy big jars of almond butter and giant tubs of honey from Costco. Oops, almost forgot to tell you that I replace the Agave in this recipe with honey. It is easier for Eddie to digest. Blahh, blahh, blahh, aren’t all those details such a bore?

Elana’s Pantry is one of my favorite food websites. The recipe is hers:


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  1. Smiled and chuckled all the way through it. 🙂

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