Family life, Paleo-ish eating and Coping with Chronic Illness

What’s with Paleo?

Is the word Paleo new to you? A lot of people I know are familiar with it. If you are not, I’ll give you the speed version. Folks who say they are eating a Paleo diet avoid grains, sugar, dairy and processed foods. What they do eat is a lot of organic veggies and fruits, grass fed meat, nuts and seeds, and healthy fat: coconut oil, avocados and ghee (I don’t even know what that is, so don’t ask).

If I told you that our family was strictly Paleo, that would be a lie. Lying is a sin, you may want to jot that down. So, let’s stay on a path closer to the truth. We are sorta Paleoish. After years of desperation and searching for a cure to our son, Eddie’s, health problems, we stumbled upon this Paleo Diet thing on line a couple of years ago. We had a couple of health care professionals (Naturopaths) mention it as well over the years, but for some reason it never took hold.

I would have a better chance of explaining Quantum Physics to you than the science behind the Paleo diet. But, at the core (now hold on here, because I’m going to use a lot of scientific jargon and this my go over your head.) is the idea that grains can tear your gut to shreds, which allows for what’s in your gut (poop and stuff) to seep into your blood stream. Your body’s immune system won’t take that lying down, so it defends itself in just about any way imaginable. In Eddie’s case, that would be continual vomiting, sharp abdominal pain, head spins and general lethargy.

So, what’s with avoiding sugar? Hmmm…I can’t really remember what I read about that, other than that in the United States sugar is like crack for all of us. We like to bath in it, sleep in it, marry it. Just your basic abusive/addictive relationship.

I doubt Adam and Eve ate as much sugar in their lifetime (and didn’t they live like 800 years or something? I’m pretty much a Biblical scholar, so take that fact to the bank) as we eat in a day. I mean, they didn’t even eat much fruit, except for the occasional apple. We all know how that turned out. So, our bodies are doing crazy things with all that extra sugar. Things we call diseases and things we take a lot of fancy medication to cover up.

So, as it pertains to our family, this Paleo thing works for us. We are not hard core. We eat dairy and we do not eat only organic and/or grass fed food. We’d really like to, but we also like to pay or mortgage. So, sometimes you have to choose.

We’ve had a lot of people tell us they could never make such a drastic change. I think to myself, yes you could. Giving up a couple of food groups in exchange for giving our son his life back? Have I ever been asked an easier question?

There were times when Eddie was sick that my husband, Scott, and I would plead with God to make a bargain with us. “What do you want, God? How about if you take my arms or legs? What if you make me sick in exchange for making Eddie well? I know, I could just give up my life, in exchange for giving Eddie his back? Say whaaa??? You are telling us to just stop eating grains, processed foods and sugar? Done.”

We have not looked back. The whole family is actually enjoying better health. WE have far fewer colds and tummy aches than we used to. Allergies are improved as well. And, while Eddie has had some relapses, year over year, he is making more progress than he has since this whole nightmare (Did I say that? I mean, opportunity for growth) began.

Lord help me if you want to debate me on the value of this diet. I will tell you before we begin, you win. I’m not trying to create converts. I’m not even telling you it’s true. I’m just speaking from our personal experience and celebrating progress after years and years of banging our heads against a closed door.


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  1. Ellen Wright said:

    I can say that I’m doing a modified paleo-ish diet, and my sometime picky stomach is more settled. Plus–and this was a big reason for doing this with Julie K. last year (when we both had wedding clothes to fit into for our collective 3 kids’ weddings!), this way of eating has made losing weight/keeping weight off much easier for me!!

    And, I, too, have tried many different ways of eating over the years, but this has been the most effective one.

    Funny thing about eating sugar for me: when I can stay off of it completely, I don’t miss it. But whoa! When it gets reintroduced, I want more and more. Hmmmmm….yeah, I’d call that an abusive/addictive behavior–although I haven’t tried bathing in it yet–and my much sweeter-than-sugar hubby, Dale, is definitely my best marriage and slumber buddy. 😉

    xo-E. 🙂

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