Family life, Paleo-ish eating and Coping with Chronic Illness


So, am I really gonna be a blogger?  I don’t know.  Maybe. I keep blathering on to my Facebook Friends.  I tell myself, just give these folks  a rest already.   No one needs to hear your  running monologue  on life’s minutia.   Do you really need to show folks how cute your dog looks when he’s scared of the thunder?  Do people really  want to hear a recap of today’s sermon, or how you wanted to kick the crap out of the bee that stung you on your  walk this morning? Can’t you be a little more dignified and keep things private?  I guess I could.  But, then I’d be trying too hard to be someone I’m not, and I’ve never been good at that.  What I am good at is seeing the silly side of things.  And talking about it too.  I know.  It’s not rocket science, but we all got our stuff.

I’ve had the same prayer for my 3 kids since they were newborns.  I have never asked God to make them talented, athletic, rich, good looking or powerful (but, let’s face it, with a mom like me they’re bound to fall into a lot of that anyway).    Instead, I have always asked God to help them figure out who they are, what they’re good at and what God’s purpose was for them in this world.  Then, I follow that up by asking God to give them vision and the discipline and work ethic to develop that purpose.   I ask God for these things for my kids because I know it is part of the secret to living a meaningful life.  And what the heck would be the point of being wealthy and good looking if your life is not meaningful?  No point.

So, since I’ve been saying these prayers for my children for the last 16 years, I figured maybe I could do the same.  I really couldn’t figure out your fourth grader’s math homework.   I can’t sew.  I can’t garden and I when I think I am sprinting,  people thing I’m out for a slow jog.   What I can do is talk.  And I actually am pretty good at listening too.  I’m super interested in hearing people’s stories.

So, I guess we’ll give this blog thing a shot.  I can share my silly observations about life and my nice family.  I also can chat a little bit about our Paleo-ish diet, and what it is like to have a family member battling chronic illness.  I hope that blogging will give me chance to connect with more people and hear their stories too.  It’s a win-win, and we’ll just have to see where it goes.





Comments on: "Blogging" (4)

  1. Glad you are doing this! 🙂

  2. Cheryl Fuller said:

    Looking forward to this journey. 🙂

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